Joanna, 21 years old, I'm a fan of Sebastian Vettel, Lleyton Hewitt and Łukasz Piszczek. I love all sports but especially F1 .....


Lukasz after match

140415 DFB-Pokal Semifinal (BVB vs VfL)

When Seb and I sang together in a karaoke bar, the rest of the team went away. Apparently it was the most awful thing they had ever heard

Tommi Pärmäkoski (via lakeinwinter)

yay lukasz :*

140415 DFB-Pokal Semifinal (BVB vs VfL)


After waiting outside of the hotel for hours, Chinese fans finally got him~!


Jonas interrupts Erik’s interview again :D [x]

140412 Bundesliga 30R (FCB vs BVB)